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VOL.A. ? School Projects

Experts of the Italian Association of Pediatry during the last national Congress shooted a disconcerting situation: an Italian teenager out of 5 (equivalent to 18% of respondents) is acceptable to take supplements or drugs to improve their sporting performance. Only three years ago, tempted by the inflated performance were just 1%!

In its first year of the fight against doping VOL.A. has prepared a draft document for schools to raise awareness of children and young people to sport clean and fair.

Thanks to some particularly sensitive and professionally prepared members has been designed a fun and engaging way to transfer a difficult message with the full participation of children.

The program, already successfully tested in collaboration with schools of Carignano (TO) and Fossano (CN) provides, in addition to a path of awareness that each class follows in the classroom with the help of their teachers, a morning concluding with 'use of role play and modern techniques of educational involvement.

The teaching program follows the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency recommended for the training of young people.
The presence of Stefania Belmondo - Olympic athlete of international renown - and of young athletes emerging in the sport in different disciplines, is cause for concern and confrontation through a real "press conference" that sees the children as protagonists of journalists to pose questions on sport and doping.
Role plays, quiz sessions, slogans and skits prepared and recited by the members of VOL.A. complete the day of the Clean Sport.
The success of the formula so far presented, refined and adapted to the needs of the course of each school, encourages us to continue on this path, creating new process for young people of different age groups, to experience with the last classes of secondary schools up to the high schools.

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