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VOL.A. - Antidoping

The fight against doping in Italy has a recent history, it was born in 1954. In 1961 in Florence will open the first European laboratory for doping analysis. Systematic monitoring is carried out on athletes from the Olympic Games of Tokyo in 1964.

Since 1971 in Italy there is a law that punishes those who are using banned substances, and those who distribute them to athletes. In 1971 the International Olympic Committee has published a list of prohibited substances that is periodically updated.

After the events that affected the world of Cycling in the summer of 1998, the International Olympic Committee decided to organize a World Conference on Doping, bringing together all parties involved in the fight against doping. The Conference, held in Lausanne, has produced the "Declaration on Doping in Sport", which has sanctioned the creation of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), operational for the Games in Sydney in 2000. From that date, WADA has become the body of the IOC regarding doping.

The World Anti-Doping Code, drawn up and regularly updated by WADA, is the work tool of VOL.A. Chaperones.

The Chaperones, that act to notify the doping controls to athletes during competitions and outside of them, be credited after completion of training courses and passing a final exam that will certify the suitability.

VOL.A. is the first Association in the Italian country that meets the Chaperones provided by the WADA World Anti-Doping Code and accredited by CONI and NADO.

Most components of VOL.A. hold then, after training and passing of related tests, the status of ANTIDOPING CHAPERONE ceritified and recognized by CONI and NADO.

They are therefore willing to work with that status under national and international sports events, in full compliance with the WADA regulations.

VOL.A. is active in prevention too.
It joins the fight against doping with particular attention to the young, in the dissemination of information through the organization of meetings, debates, conferences, seminars.

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