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A great event like the XX Winter Olympic Games of Turin 2006 changes places, people, ways to think. A city is not only changed, people is changed: as a result of this occasion of great renewal we have tried to conserve the inheritance of the great group of the olympic Volunteers. Not only it has conserved itself but today, thanks to the experience and the acquired professionality during many events, express the best of itself.


VOL.A is a no profit Association that places its main objective in the safeguard of the values of the healthy, loyal and honest sport.


Stefania Belmondo, testimonial of exception, has joined with enthusiasm to the initiative and to the scopes of the association.


The VOL.A associates believe in the clean sport, occasion of joyint and aggregation, in the respect of the behavioural rules and the norms of themselves and of the other concurrents.


Volunteers with acquired experiences in the various fields of the organization concur with VOL.A. to operate supplying independent personel, motivated and organized to the service of the sports and cultural events on the territory.


The majority of the VOL.A members has achieved, after specific formation and overcoming of the previewed tests, the recognized qualification of ANTIDOPING CHAPERONE accepted by CONI and NADO.


They are therefore available to operate with such qualification within national and international events, in the full respect of WADA protocols and procedures.


VOL.A. is active in the prevention. Participates to the fight against the doping with particular attention towards the young people, making information through the organization of meetings, debates, conventions, seminaries.

Particularly, taking advantage from the work of its own volunteers, VOL.A is proposed to operate in close collaboration with National and International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, National and International Sport Federations, Agencies, public or private Societies, Associations having title in order to guarantee the presence of volunteers with qualification of Chaperones and/or Federal Representatives or in order to carry out other activities eventually demanded from the organizing subject.


VOL.A participates to the organization of sport and cultural events collaborating to directed contact with the Organizers.


It supplies expert volunteers and of documented reliability to assign to the necessary areas of competence, as:

  • accomodation
  • attachè
  • accreditation
  • attendance to the disabled
  • logistics
  • marketing
  • press
  • protocol and Ceremonies
  • security
  • sport
  • technologies
  • transports

The VOL.A volunteers are organized in order to operate in total autonomy, coordinated from own responsibles who maintain the indispensable contact with the organizing agency.

They are therefore suitable to cover responsibility tasks guaranteeing the reliability of the service.

VOL.A reserves particular attention to the care of the image of every event to which it participates and it collaborates to catch up the success of each event.

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